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Based primarily in and around Davis Square (with secret hideouts throughout the Boston area), the Davis Square Avengers stand for truth, justice, adventure, personal hygiene, eating before you get cranky, and above all, good gaming. Though our original membership first came together in 2004 under the auspices of our long-running Buffy campaign, Grey Angels, we have since evolved into a small social network of fun, creative RPG and board game enthusiasts. If you love throwing yourself into a role, exploring new worlds, and trying new games, you might be an Avenger.

Though we prefer not to limit ourselves by listing the games we will and won't play, past RPG selections have included D&D 4th Edition, the Unisystem (in the form of the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, the Angel RPG, and All Flesh Must Be Eaten), the Storyteller System and the Cortex System. As far as board games and card games go, we've enjoyed such choices as Betrayal at House on the Hill, Kill Dr. Lucky, Fluxx, Gloom and Funny Friends.


We don't stand much on ceremony here at the Watchtower, and Avengers membership tends to be a pretty basic process. If you want to join, go to our forums, register an account, and post in the Membership Applications thread in our main forum. We'll invite you to a couple sessions (these are generally on Sunday afternoons, though our schedule sometimes changes), give everyone a chance to know one another, and if we like you and you like us, we'll ask you to stick around.

Once you're a member, the rules come down to this: don't be a jerk. Or, at least, be a jerk on your own time. Don't fight on the group forums, don't use the forums to recruit for games unless everyone's welcome, don't squabble too much at the table, keep it friendly. We don't have dues, attendance requirements, bylaws or anything like that. We just ask that you try to stay cool.


Current Roster

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About Our Logo
Our logo is inspired by the road signs seen all around Davis Square's central intersection, depicting the main roads as seen from above in white on a blue background. The resulting pattern has been applied to a basic shield and coupled with our main title graphic; the main title itself is written in Crash Landing and then modified and distorted to form both the title logo and the shield logo.

Due to the nature of the Crash Landing font license, our logo is not to be used for any for-profit work, and should not be used under any circumstances without permission from our webmaster.